Why Secondary Glazing will Save the World

It’s obvious that we’re facing an energy crisis; over the last few years energy efficiency has become a required buzzword as gas and electrical power costs escalate and fossil fuels end up being a less steady source of energy. Among the main ways we can increase the energy effectiveness of our houses is by making our windows and any other glazed locations as thermally effectIve as possible.

Secondary glazing, is remarkable at lowering heat loss from windows. Certain products can achieve remarkable results through installation if uninstalled single glazed windows can lose around  63% of a houses total heat, representing around a 22.5% conserving on your energy costs.

With the ideal installation, this approach will keep your home warm throughout the cold seasons and can go a long way in lowering your energy expense and including worth to your house for possible purchasers.

Secondary Glazing is More Eco-friendly than other Choices

Not only does secondary glazing help reduce your energy consumption, it likewise motivates resource efficiency by supporting you to keep your original windows instead of the more wasteful procedure of replacement. Your original windows will often be comprised of better quality and more long lasting materials than replacement windows: no matter how costly they might be! The sad truth is, many people remove their initial 100 or 200 years of age windows and change them with windows that may just last 10 or 15 years, thus guaranteeing the cycle of wasteful replacement. If you need any advice about your Glazing Needs – Please contact Colchester Glaziers.

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Secondary Glazing

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